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The definition of Collaboration is...

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Collaboration (noun) A purposeful relationship in which all parties strategically choose to cooperate in order to accomplish a shared outcome ArtWare is all about fostering collaboration. Without it we wouldn’t exist. Our work supports the relationships between children and philanthropy, companies and causes, nonprofits and donors and so much more.

Over the past 5 years we have collaborated with various disciplines of creativity, science and technology, and causes to advance children and women in emerging cultures.

This month, we will be featuring a few of these organizations starting with a very special collaboration that began 25 years ago.

My daughter Nell had aspirations of a life in dance since age 5. We supported those dreams as she danced her days away at DanceWorks Studios in Montclair, NJ. Kathy Costa McKeown - the fearless, dedicated leader of DanceWorks Studios, has made it her mission to provide “dance for all” both locally and globally. This allowed Nell to not only grow as a dancer but a woman and a contributing member of society.

When it came time to celebrate DanceWorks Studios’ 20th anniversary I was honored when they decided to collaborate with ArtWare for Good. The celebration was not only about dance but it embodied community and philanthropy in true form to how Kathy personally leads her life.

Over this year long celebration DanceWorks Studios hosted a variety of art parties in honor of St. Joseph's’ Children Hospital to raise awareness and funds for the amazing children in need of medical care. These art parties led to a monetary donation as well as the creation of 200 tiles that are now installed at both St. Joseph's’ Children Hospital and DanceWorks Studios which inspire patients, families, and the community through the healing joy found within dance.

"What a joy and beautiful project to work on with such an enthusiastic , engaging and creative team at ArtWare for Good. Their professionalism and guidance every step of the way made for a positive overall experience. We at DanceWorks Studios enjoyed the many art parties creating, laughing & being together for a great cause. I highly recommend this company for your next creative endeavor for all. Diana’s eye and guidance along the way are truly a gift she openly shares with each client. Create Together for a Great Cause! Only something beautiful will emerge!" -Kathy Costa McKeown, DanceWorks Studios

Are you ready to collaborate with ArtWare for Good? We will work with you to create a unique program that fits the needs of your organization.


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