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ArtWare for Good embodies creativity, philanthropy, and community around the world and in your hometown.  Whether your goal is creative philanthrophy, recognizing your donors, charitable corporate team building or legacy walls, we have something for you.


We deliver practical programs that support the educational, social, and humanitarian goals of schools, nonprofits, corporations, and individuals through the universal language of art.


What began 25 years ago as a kitchen table project for a local father/daughter group, ArtWare has grown into a unique assembly of art-based initiatives that tap into the creativity of children and adults alike, building pride and self-esteem, while accomplishing important goals.


Over the last two decades we are proud to have worked with thousands of institutions around the US and Canada –  Schools, Churches, Temples, JCCs, YMCAs, Teams, PreK Centers, Libraries, Towns, among many others – helping them reach their fundraising and project goals, while enhancing the lives and education of children through art.


Most recently, we have enjoyed collaborating with different organizations with an international reach, working to improve the lives of women and children. We have also added team building programs to our repertoire, working with corporations to improve company morale and inspire employees, while supporting their philanthropic efforts.

Diana Polack, President and Founder, started ArtWare twenty-five years ago to fulfill a need for fundraisers supporting art departments in public schools. As community needs grew, Diana grew ArtWare to meet them. In time, this passion also gave rise to programs with a global reach. ArtWare works to create change in the world through the universal language of art. Our programs take charitable giving to the next level with mission-driven initiatives expressed through the creation of art tile walls that educate, connect communities, raise funds, and enhance the lives of all involved.

Diana Polack
Founder & Chief Change Officer
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“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa
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