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Legacy Walls

Are you ready to celebrate a milestone, create legacy or honor your  community in a creative and unique way? 

At ArtWare for Good we believe that The “Universal Language of Art” is a powerful tool for bringing together people to raise awareness and funds, celebrate milestones and create legacy.


From Preschool to HighSchool both public and private, to Churches and Synagogues, to Libraries and Soup Kitchens and community centers of all shapes and sizes.

How To Get Started...
  1. Schedule a call to discuss your company’s objectives with regards to team building goals, along with your logistics and budget.

  2. ArtWare crafts a proposal of customized solutions for you to choose from, including artistic themes relevant to your goals.

  3. ArtWare facilitates the team building then creates your tiles for giving and displaying.

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Collaborate with ArtWare

  • Act as a creative fundraiser that fosters community.

  • Honor the artistic talents of your students, congregants and community.

  • Spruce up the walls of your building. 

  • Commemorate special milestones and anniversaries.

  • Recognize your valued donors.

  • Inspire greater engagement, participation and support.

  • Introduce the next generation of givers to your mission and cause.

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Art Ware For Good is a phenomenal creative company to work with. Diana's guidance, expertise and creativity excel in all her work. It truly was a joy creating art with my dancers and seeing the final wall tile hanging in our studio entrance lobby and at St. Josephs Pediatric Ward. A beautiful reminder of community, creation , love and support thru art.

Kathy Costa - DanceWorks Studios

Who is using ArtWare for donor recognition today? 
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