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Charitable Events

Are you looking to introduce a charitable component to your next 

corporate or personal event?

At ArtWare for Good we believe that The “Universal Language of Art” is a powerful tool for bringing together.


Whether your hosting a board meeting, staff development day,  community event, or even a bridal or baby shower ArtWare offers a new take on an art party where you can engage your guests in a more meaningful way than ever before

An ArtWare Party is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Select a charity / Cause

  • Host an art making event

  • Donate a beautiful tile mural or table made from your art by ArtWare for your selected Charity / Cause

How To Get Started...
  1. Schedule a call to discuss your company’s objectives with regards to team building goals, along with your logistics and budget.

  2. ArtWare crafts a proposal of customized solutions for you to choose from, including artistic themes relevant to your goals.

  3. ArtWare facilitates the team building then creates your tiles for giving and displaying.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 11.04.44

Instead of spending money on favors and take aways (that might end up being regifted or thrown away) - spend those dollars on creating this gift.


Collaborate with ArtWare to determine a relevant art theme and the best supplies for your guests to tap into their inner creativity.  

Choose the scope of ArtWare's guidance and support, from planning and strategizing to facilitation and installation. Adding a charitable component to your event Is the perfect gift that keeps on giving….

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she wins logo.png

Diana, thank you for curating such a remarkable experience for both our students and our parents. They are all still raving about how transformative it felt to manifest their hopes and intentions onto the *soon to be* tiles. I truly look forward to everything we will be able to do moving forward because of this project, and we have you and the dynamic work of ArtWare for Good to thank.

Who is using ArtWare for charitable events today? 
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