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Donor Recognition

Are you tired of the traditional engraved donor plaque?

Are you looking to express your gratitude in a creative way while remaining fiscally responsible in the process?

At ArtWare we believe that donor recognition is the key to retaining your most valuable asset - your donors. We are committed to serving caused-based groups and the non-profit community.


In doing so, we offer affordable and unique options that are tailored to the specific look, culture, and goals of your organization, allowing you to preserve funds for your primary goals and initiatives.

Not only do your donors love seeing their names and sentiments on the wall at your place but our donor plaques are a very cost effective way for you to evergreen your efforts and send your valued donors home with a thank you of their very own.

How To Get Started...
  1. Schedule a call to discuss your company’s objectives with regards to team building goals, along with your logistics and budget.

  2. ArtWare crafts a proposal of customized solutions for you to choose from, including artistic themes relevant to your goals.

  3. ArtWare facilitates the team building then creates your tiles for giving and displaying.

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Engage Your Donors

Our customizable tile walls and murals are a creative way to honor and recognize the generous contributions already made and are flexible so that you can keep on adding to them to them as you continue to receive donations for years to come.

Take you tiles to the next level. Invite your donors and potential supporters to attend an ArtWare Art Party as a way to raise awareness and funds. 


"We LOVE our donor mural and our gorgeous tree mural conceived of by Diana Polack of Art Ware for Good.  Diana worked hands on with the children who attend Imagine to create a stunning and colorful mural that beautifully captures the spirit and energy of Imagine and fits in perfectly with our interior design.  The children who participated felt proud and excited to see their art work centrally located in our center.  Diana's professionalism, artistry, and generosity made it a joy to work with her."

Mary Robinson - Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss - Mountainside NJ

Who is using ArtWare for donor recognition today? 
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