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1. Donor Recognition Strains Your Organization’s Resources

Done right donor recognition can be an expensive and time consuming process but with creativity it can be accomplished within your budget and resources. Something timely, personal and meaningful is more important than expensive.

2. Not all Donors Want Recognition

Most donors contribute out of their desire to support your cause. They often don’t want public recognition. But, a private expression of thanks is always appreciated.  A simple hand done thank you note can be very impactful. Personalized note cards that reflect your organizations goals and accomplishment is even better.

3. Many Donors Do Want Recognition

This is especially true when you have corporate sponsors, something like a creative and beautiful donor recognition tile wall that touches the heart of all the people who see it is a very exciting place for your individual, family, corporate and anonymous sponsors to see their name.  And the thing is, even those who choose to remain anonymous are still excited to see their contribution.

4. Recognition Should Fit the Act

If your recognition is viewed as being trivial or for that matter over the top, you donors may be put off. Again a personalized and creative solution is in order. Something simple but thoughtful is usually best.

5. Is a Means To An End

You can make your donor recognition a part of your program by selling a place on a legacy or recognition tile wall is something your constituency or sponsors can get excited about. Their donation serves to forward a particular need but also has a lasting recognition.

6. Make It Last

A lasting recognition, something your constituency sees over and over again keeps you in top of mind. A beautiful personalized tile wall created with the hearts, minds, and hands of your kids, gracing the walls of your facility is perpetual.

7. Donor Recognition Art Tile Wile

These are very popular and provide a great fundraising opportunities. ArtWare or Good is unique in that they are completely personalized with your own beautiful art work.


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