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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Here is a look at two teenagers who gained confidence and pride with ArtWare for Good community service projects. It went like this….

The discovery conversation usually starts with a somewhat engaged, somewhat distracted teen saying as little as possible – sharing that they are “like” interested – and that they want to change the world but don’t have a lot of time- oh and that mom thought they would like this.  Fast forward to the end of the project and I have my greatest advocates, maybe even a new best friend – sharing with me their photos, sense of pride and desire to continue to create change in the world.

Is your son or daughter:

  • Looking for a creative Bar or Bat Mitzvah Project?

  • In need of a community service project for Eagle Scouts or Girl Scouts?

  • Leading a pier group looking to creating change in the world?

  • Completing requirements for graduation or college applications?

  • Artistic and looking for a dynamic way to showcase their talents by creating social good?

Then ArtWare for Good's customized legacy wall program is perfect for you. Share these inspiring stories below before reaching out to Diana for more information.


Zach was looking  for a community service project to complete is Eagle Scout Merit Badge. He wanted to brighten up the basement dining hall at Toni’s Kitchen (a very busy food pantry) in Montclair NJ.

Zach held numerous art parties with his friends and extended family and and in various youth groups to create images of healthy eating and the harvest.

ArtWare transferred that art on to tiles which Zach and his friends had fun installing – looks like Zach is doing all the work.


Rachel was looking for a project that tapped in to her love of art and camp for Bat Mitzvah community service project.

SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) one of our ArtWare Collaborations supports “camperships” for inner city kids to experience the wonders of sleep away camp in one of 37 locations.  ArtWare and SCOPE are creating tile walls that are helping to raise awareness for this program as well as funds.

Rachel and her friends created a beautiful mural that was donated to one of the camps and she was able to raise an entire “campership” for one lucky kid to go away for two weeks.

Congrats to Rachel on making her Bat Mitzvah and to the great work she accomplished.


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