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Let's Talk Centerpieces

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

With the holidays around the corner, I bet you have visions of turkeys, pinecones and beautiful candelabras for your table...

But not us! Here at ArtWare for Good, we are all about the Center Piece for your tile mural. The focal point that embodies the gratitude, location, or importance of your tile mural.

The Celebration

We believe that the “Universal Language of Art” is a powerful tool for bringing together people to raise awareness and funds, celebrate milestones and create legacy. From Preschool to High School, to Churches and Synagogues, to Libraries and Soup Kitchens and Community Centers our loyal, long-time customers work with ArtWare to build art tile murals to memorialize their efforts.

The Tile Mural

Each tile mural that we create has a general theme or overall color story and can be an extension of the companies brand.  The Center Piece is what ties it all together. They vary from subtle to captivating, large and small. This focal point is our favorite part to offer assistance with as it truly ties the mural and the message together.

Some of our favorites...

Featured above (Left to right)

  1. Sobel & Co Accounting gathered their interns last summer to create a Healthy Eating themed mural for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey that they presented on a day of community service there.

  2. Junior Achievement of New Jersey - recognizes their major donors each year with an ever-expanding branded donor tile wall.

  3. Felix Varela High School in Southern Florida offers their seniors a chance to leave their legacy on the tile wall in their school with photos and sentiments that are branded with the school colors.

  4. Achievement Center for Children and Families of Delray Beach Florida are creating a legacy tile wall to celebrate their 50th anniversary. They have engaged all their preschoolers in the creation of a heart that will surround this focal point centerpiece.

  5. Imagine - a center for coping with grief - utilized their colorful and playful logo as the centerpiece of their donor recognition wall which is an ongoing installation housed in their waiting room.

  6. Union Congregational invited all of their donor/congregants to embellish this template of flowers to hang in their sanctuary as a commitment to their year of service. Their signatures are on tiles surrounding the centerpiece.

  7. North Barrington Elementary - used their majestic looking logo as a focal point for their donor recognition tile wall. Tiles are branded in the red, white and black of their school colors.

  8. Mt. Pleasant Elementary was looking for a way to create a legacy to their leaving principal. How cute are these hands and the messaging of the centerpiece.

  9. Kindness Flows every day at B'nai Jeshurun PreSchool.  Their self-portrait tile wall is an amazing testament to this.  They plan on adding self-portrait tiles each year.  How fun for the kids to come back year after year and find their self-portrait on the wall.


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