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Friends of mine posted this quote...

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

"Before a child talks, they sing. 

Before they write, they draw. 

As soon as they stand, they dance. 

ART is fundamental to human expression"

-Phylicia Rashad


Friends of mine posted this quote on their social media feed recently and it struck me so. Every day I sell the value of creative expression to corporations, nonprofits, schools and community groups as an opportunity to facilitate Creative / Charitable team building programs.

After all these years it’s still surprising to me when prospective clients meet me with resistance. This resistance comes from those who have not experienced or valued the power of the universal language of art. It's in those moments that I go back to my visual memory bank and remember all of the amazing moments when art has fueled collaborated and led to significant change in this world.

When ART has mattered most:

  • When facilitating a team building session with adults and the participants are smiling and sharing with me how much fun they had, how long it had been since they held a crayon and how easy it was – once they got over their fear.

  • When those participants present a charitable gift made by their creativity to a nonprofit that brightens up the lives of those who get to see it every day.

  • When the companies that have hired us to do our team building program have furthered their involvement with the nonprofit they chose for their charitable gift, as once they were connected – they stayed connected.

There are so many amazing ART moments to share, so stay tuned to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and your inbox as we dedicate this month to our Creative / Charitable Team Building Programs.

Should this peak your interest and you would like to know more about how ArtWare can share these proud moments with your team then please reach out to me directly as I would love the opportunity to tell you more.


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