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Celebrate. Create. Do Good.

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

As the leaves turn, pumpkins appear, and the brisk air is upon us, we are reminded that the holidays are just around the corner. With that comes the planning of company holiday parties and gift buying for key clients and team members to show appreciation for their support in 2019.

If you are like me you might also feel the pressure of spending money on “the right gift” and “the perfect event” that shows class and smarts and not too extravagant or overindulgent. After all - aren’t we all working on spending wisely - Kondo’ing our possessions and filling our lives with more meaning and less stuff?

Here are three recent projects that showcase how ArtWare can turn your year-end thank you’s and holiday parties into an event that includes your guests' participation and keeps on giving.


After moving into new headquarters in November of 2018, Executive Director Miche McCartan wanted to celebrate this special milestone by honoring the new space with her staff and clients. It was her goal to come together and create something to be gifted to the non-profit Tree House Books, in Philadelphia.

For their ArtWare Charitable Art Party, we facilitated drawing and collaging inspired by the theme of "Read to Succeed".

The ceramic tiles made from this art were transformed into a tile table for the children's reading room at Tree House Books.

In addition to gifting the table, they also hosted a book drive collecting close to 1,000 books. This event was not only meaningful for the staff but the receiving non-profit as well.


While beginning to plan their annual Gala, Lamp for Haiti was seeking a way to create a legacy installation at their hospital in Haiti, to honor all of their generous donors. It was important to them that they could include these donors in an interactive experience at their Gala related to the installation.

The ArtWare Charitable Art Party was the perfect choice for this event.

ArtWare enlisted the help of one of Lamp for Haiti’s donors to create a line drawing mural as the template for this tile project. At the Gala, donors were invited to color in square portions of the mural resulting in a collaborative mural that was then transformed into a tile mural to inspire patients for years to come.


The founders of Solstice Health Communications are philanthropic minded individuals and have woven their generosity into their business culture.

For Christmas last year, they called on ArtWare to facilitate a Charitable Art Party for their entire staff with the mission to create a gift for a social agency children's program.

In our initial discovery/brainstorming discussion, we determine that the theme of joy and hope would be the inspiration of the art-making process.

Solstice Health Communications employees created images through paper collaging resulting in a beautiful tile table that now lives on inspiring children every day.


Give us a call and we will gladly tell you more. Based on your budget there are various options - on the low end we can get you setup to facilitate the art making portion of your party and if your budget allows we would love to come and do that for you so that you can focus on the creativity and fun.


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