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But First...

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Celebration, collaboration, growth and gratitude are a few unique attributes of ArtWare for Good that we have highlighted this year. Before any of these are possible there is the conception, creation and foundation of each and every project we work on.  

I am most drawn to this phase of our work, so I paused to ask myself why? Was it because….

  • I love puzzles and solving mysteries...

  • I love planning events and was always the one to volunteer to do so...

  • I love helping others problem solve...

  • I am a good listener (so I am told)...I have always gravitated to making art that entails many smaller pieces coming together to create a larger piece...

The answer is YES to all of the above! 

ArtWare’s Design and Conceptual Phase consists of:

  • listening to our prospects/clients to get a clear understanding of their vision.

  • recognizing challenges while providing customized solutions.

  • crafting layouts and concepts for all tile walls, murals & tables.

  • recommending sales and marketing ideas to support all monetary goals.

  • curating an overall program that exceeds the desired end result.

This month we look forward to sharing recent projects with you where our Design and Conceptual Phase has resulted in successful projects and happy clients.

"Diana guided me through the whole process... she is very easy to work with and was always available to help!

-Stephanie - Miami, FL

Do you work with a non profit that is considering working on a capital campaign and in need of some creative donor recognition?

Do you have a team that you lead that you would like to engage in a creative philanthropic activity?

Are you looking to engage your community or employees in a mission driven project?


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