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what we offer

we create change through the universal language of art

because art is relevant, understandable, and uplifting

charitable team-building

We empower companies to foster team spirit and to create social change through the universal language of art. Employees that are vibrant, confident, and inspired tend to be more collaborative and joyful in their workplace. ArtWare's team building programs foster that creativity and ignite that inner spark!


Position your team building program with a charitable component to give your organization the opportunity to succeed in its philanthropic efforts. ArtWare works with your company's vision, mission, and budget to ensure that your goals are met.


Schedule a complimentary twenty-minute consultation with ArtWare and discover how we can work together to create social change!


Partial Client List:

Verizon, NRG, Criteo, Old Navy, Epicurious, Chubb, ADP, Johnson and Johnson, Celegene, Bloomberg, Four Seasons Produce, Simon and Schuster, Ethicon and Forward College Counseling

See Our Charitable Team Building Projects

donor recognition

Express your gratitude and engage your donors in a new, exciting way with ArtWare's donor recognition tile walls and murals. Our donor recognition walls are a wonderful way to honor and recognize the generous contributions made by your donors or to celebrate milestones within your organization!

ArtWare is committed to serving caused-based groups and the non-profit community through the "universal language of art." In doing so, we offer affordable and unique options that are tailored to the specific look, culture, and goals of your organization, allowing you to preserve funds for your primary goals and initiatives.


Choose the scope of ArtWare's guidance and support, from planning and strategizing to facilitation and installation. Retain your donors in today's competitive landscape with the amazingly simple act of saying "thank you!" Schedule your complimentary twenty-minute consultation with ArtWare today.

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legacy walls

Communities come in all shapes and sizes and at ArtWare, we aim to bring together your community with our legacy tile walls. Our legacy tile walls are created to commemorate special milestones, thank volunteer support and donors, raise funds for your community or the less fortunate, beautify a community space, or lastly, but most importantly, make you and your community smile for years to come!

Schedule your complimentary consultation to see how ArtWare can help you design your own legacy!

See Our Legacy Walls

artware parties

Host your very own art party for a cause with ArtWare's Party Kits. We developed these party kits to help you create a movement of your own through the universal language of art.

Support one of ArtWare's philanthropic initiatives or support a cause of your choosing and help raise funds while you create art with your family and friends! Each party kit includes art supplies and inspiration to help guide participants in the art-making process.

Click below to explore our different part kits and learn about creating change in your community and around the world.

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Legacy Walls
Artware Parties
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