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January 2019

Not only am I excited for 2019 but am super excited to share that today is my birthday and the start of a new decade in my life. I could be melancholy that the years are flying by but not today... 


Today I am excited to share that ArtWare for Good has been laying the groundwork to lead creative collaborations that result in pride, accomplishment and amazing change.


ArtWare delivers practical programs that support the educational, social, and humanitarian goals of schools, nonprofits, corporations, and individuals through the universal language of art.


So if you are wondering what to get me for my birthday, I have a simple ask...


Help me to continue to create change by connecting me to the people in your life who are making a difference both locally and globally. 


Introduce me to your friends and colleagues and neighbors. Those who:


  • Run companies and departments looking to foster their teams

  • Sit on boards of non profits looking for new creative ways to fundraise

  • Executive Directors of non profits looking to say "Thank You" and retain their donors

  • Teens looking for engaging creative community service


Get Inspired! Check out our new galleries featuring some of our work from 2018. 


Help us to Gather Community to Get Creative and Create Change


Art Heals, Art Matters, Art can save Lives - 


Wishing you all Happiness, Health, Peace and Prosperity in 2019


Diana Polack
Founder & CEO 
ArtWare for Good

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