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Are you ready to raise funds & create legacy for your community,

school, congregation, or non-profit in a unique way? 

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Celebrate a worthy cause or a community milestone with a tile wall installation. Our customized art tile walls allow your community to engage in new, creative ways with an everlasting tribute. Whether you need a fundraiser or a celebration, we have something for you!



  • Act as a creative fundraiser that fosters community.

  • Honor the artistic talents of your students, congregants and community.

  • Spruce up the walls of your building. 

  • Commemorate special milestones and anniversaries.

  • Recognize your valued donors.

  • Inspire greater engagement, participation and support.

How It Works...
  1. Schedule your 20-minute complimentary consultation with ArtWare Founder Diana Polack. 

  2. Work with our creative team a customized plan to suit the needs of your organization.

  3. ArtWare For Good transforms your art into ceramic tiles and custom builds your tile installation. 

International Playschool.JPG

The parents of the International School of Arizona contacted us to facilitate this fundraiser by creating a bright, long-lasting project in the school's colors that could also act as a way to thank donors. We worked together to come up with the handprint motif. Once families made a donation, the children of those families were invited to create a handprint for the tile wall. When we transformed the handprints into tiles, we added their names to the tiles. These children have the best time looking at the wall and searching for their tile!

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