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Nurture, Tend, Grow.

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Gardening vs. Marketing

Spring is definitely my favorite time of year, as I get to tend to my garden. I have always gravitated to working with perennials. I am like a kid filled with excitement seeing my lily of the valleys, daffodils and bleeding hearts pop up once again. I get such a sense of fulfillment that my efforts from years ago keep showing it’s beauty. Reoccurring perennials allow me to focus on the new beauty I can add to my garden to enhance the base that already exists. Like my garden, this spring I am dedicated to providing my clients with creative ways to nurture their clients, teams, and supporters. My very first mentor was a woman I met when I was in the construction industry (a lifetime ago). I was the Marketing Director for a Construction Management firm and I remember her saying so vividly - “Don’t tell me about the first time you sign on a client - but do tell me and let’s celebrate when they come back to you for more.”

This advice is something that has inspired me on a daily basis and foremost in our mission as we continue to create customized programs for businesses and non-profits.

At ArtWare for Good we...

  • help you to nurture your team - with our fun and creative charitable team building activity.

  • provide you a way to tend to your donors with our donor recognition tile walls and gifts.

  • assist you to grow your donor base with our creative events and fundraisers.

Let’s nurture the seeds and plants that have already been sowed. Schedule your complimentary consultation today


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